10 Tips to Improve Energy Efficiency in the Home

Perhaps you have raised more than once how you can make a more responsible consumption and achieve a higher level of energy efficiency.

In essence, the key is to use fewer resources to obtain the same goods without diminishing your quality of life and that of your own.

It seems easy, right? However, the reality is very different, and our lifestyle is characterized by many things, but not by the rational use of energy resources.

Do you want to optimize the energy efficiency of your home with these tips that we propose?

Check the electrical installation

In our home, the first thing we can do is to check the state of the electrical installation, not only to avoid unnecessary energy and money costs, but also for safety reasons, as a possible overload can lead to a fire.

Combat energy vampires

Electronic equipment such as DVDs, televisions, video game consoles, sound equipment should be turned off completely when not in use, because they continue to consume in sleep mode. We will save energy and extend its useful life.

Control the lighting

Keeping in mind the lighting of our house is essential to save electricity, since a third of its consumption is due to this point.

Uses of LEDs

It is convenient to replace incandescent and halogen lamps with LEDs and compact fluorescent lamps, which consume up to four times less.

Care about the correct maintenance of electrical appliances

The maintenance of electrical appliances such as vacuum cleaners and air conditioners can also contribute to saving electrical energy. With dirty filters and saturated deposits, their motors work overloaded, reducing their useful life.

Isolate your home

Having good insulation on the walls of our home and on doors and windows also helps to optimize the regulated temperature inside and reduce our energy bill

Correctly regulate the temperature of your refrigerator

Refrigerators and freezers are one of the biggest demands of electricity, around 30% of the total we consume in our homes, so it is very important to regulate its temperature correctly.

Check the label of energy efficiency

When buying a new appliance, keep in mind its energy efficiency label. Some equipment can consume up to 30% less.

Employs eco-efficient equipment

It seeks to use state-of-the-art air conditioning and lighting equipment that are more eco-efficient. It uses the savings systems that have the office equipment implemented when they are not used during a period of time.

Set the right temperature

We also have the wireless thermostat, which operates the air conditioning system to achieve optimum comfort temperature. It sets the temperature of the air conditioning equipment between 17 and 27 ยบ C.

As you can see, what is exposed here has a lot to do with common sense, sustainable habits and responsible consumption that will gradually move us away from our present unsustainable lifestyle.