10 Tips to Improve Home Safety

Increasing home safety and, therefore, reducing the risk of theft in your home is easy. With some simple tips you can guarantee your safety and that of your own. Here are some of our recommendations:

It varies your routes and hours of return home from work. Try not to follow the same customs every day.

It entrusts the access keys of the security system in the home only to the closest ones. Only trusted persons should have access to the alarm system installed.

Locks can become a weak point of home security. With overuse they wear out and thieves know it. It is very important that you periodically review and update them so that their status is optimal.

Avoid commenting on your holiday plans on social networks, or strangers: you may leave too many clues if your intentions are not good.

Do not keep large amounts of money, objects or documents at home. If you have no choice, go to the safe deposit boxes.

It is important that you lock the doors and it is very advisable to have at least two closing points. Make sure all access to your home is properly closed when you are not.

It always appears that the dwelling is occupied in prolonged absences, everything that in its house transmits appearance of being inhabited, will be a very effective insurance of prudence. So, do not lower the blinds altogether; if you can, install a programmable clock that illuminates the dwelling by zones, turning on and off house lights at different times; charge an acquaintance to empty your mailbox regularly …

Remember the windows that give patios: they are the passages that pass more hidden in the eyes of the citizens and, therefore, are areas especially unprotected and with a minimum risk for the delinquents.

If you lose your keys, change the locks; also if you are going to occupy a house in which previously lived another tenant.

Make an inventory that includes the production serial numbers of certain devices, make and model, photos that allow their identification and, if possible, leave them in a safe with a mark that identifies them. It will be the best measure you can take to avoid their theft and, if that is the case, recover them more easily avoiding their commercialization thanks to this personified signals.